Why a Periodontist?

Who is a Periodontist?

A periodontist is a dental specialist that has completed a minimum of three years of extensive training beyond the four years of college and four years of dental school.

Periodontists specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of all types of soft tissue, gum, and bone diseases, along with many other procedures such as cosmetic surgery, and the placement and treatment of dental implants. Furthermore, they are likely to have advanced training to include medicine, general anesthesia, plastic and reconstructive surgery, dermatology, and nutrition.

All dental fields treat teeth. In contrast, the periodontist treats the gum, soft tissues, and bone around the teeth, to maintain the health and appearance of the foundation. If the gum and bone are not healthy, neither are the teeth. Periodontists are trained exhaustively in the use of CT scanning and advanced imaging, to place and treat dental implants, and to perform extensive reconstruction of the bone and/or soft tissues.

Why Choose Us?

It is the priority of Dr. Dalessandro to stay on the cutting edge of the latest and best techniques in order to achieve the best treatment results in any procedure. Drawing on his advanced education and wide-ranging experience, Dr. Dalessandro has lectured for more than 28 years in a wide variety of fields: from practice management to CT imaging, to laser surgical techniques.

In addition, he is one of very few dental surgeons in the state of Illinois who has a Class B Sedation License, which allows him to perform deep conscious general anesthesia. He brings this exceptional knowledge, with a caring demeanor, to each individual patient: You can be confident that you will receive the best possible care in our office.

Who Should Place Your Implant?

When you are choosing someone to place your dental implant, there are several important things to consider. Here are a few questions we recommend you think about when weighing your decision.

  • The qualifications of the specialist.
    • There is no medically recognized implant specialty. Being a member of an academy is not a medical specialty: it is a professional business association. Carefully consider the credentials of any dental specialist:
    • Has the specialist had a minimum three years of advanced training in dental implants?
    • How long has the doctor been placing implants and how many per year?
    • Has the specialist been continually learning and improving? Implant dentistry is a rapidly changing field, with new and improved diagnostic digital scanning and procedural techniques introduced yearly.
    • Is the doctor a certified anesthesiologist, so you have a choice of local anesthesia and intravenous sedation?
  • The relationship with your restorative dentist.
    • How long have the specialist and your dentist worked together, and how many cases have they done together?
    • Does the doctor have before and after photos to show results he or she has been able to achieve?
  • The quality of treatment.
    • How did the doctor diagnose & plan your treatment? Was a 3D CT scan taken and used to determine your bone quality and ideal implant placement?
    • If bone grafting or gum grafting is needed for additional stability, is this being done?
    • If you need more than one implant, will the doctor be using a surgical guide?
    • Does he appear to be allowing a realistic length of time for healing?
  • The quality and longevity of the implants used.
    • Are they scientifically studied/proven to be top of the line? Not all implants are made equal and, as in all things, cost equals quality. Dr. Dalessandro chooses implants with only the best surface coating, thread pitch (how it attaches to the bone), and precise abutment connections. While these may cost more at the beginning, the long-term benefit is considerable as the implants stay healthy and functional.
    • Are they from an established company? The companies we work with have been in business since the 1980s, they are established worldwide, biggest in the world, and offer product guarantees. Smaller companies, while less expensive, may not be around in the future if any replacement parts are needed.
  • What is actually included in the fee.
    • Are all the X-rays, post-operative visits, and anesthesia fees included?
    • Are there additional fees for uncovering the implant, and modifications that may be necessary to make the soft tissue aesthetic?
  • Your specific concerns.
    • Have your concerns been acknowledged and addressed?
    • Does the doctor “guarantee” your implant? Remember, there are no guarantees in dentistry but Dr. Dalessandro does guarantee the health of your implant for two years.
    • Is there any kind of warranty in the event that your implant fails?
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