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“I cannot say enough about Dr. Dalessandro and his staff. I was referred to Dr. Dalessandro for a second opinion. The first periodontist I saw told me that I had a hole in the root of my tooth which would require extraction, followed by a dental implant. After taking X-rays, Dr. Dalessandro told me that he thought he would be able to repair the root of my tooth, but couldn’t be 100% certain until he was able to expose the root and see how deep the hole was. 
“I was extremely nervous when I arrived at the office on the day of the surgery, but was quickly put at ease. The procedure was done with a local anesthetic and was virtually pain-free. Best of all, I left his office that day with my tooth intact!
“I wouldn’t hesitate for one minute in referring someone to Dr. Dalessandro — he is professional, caring and honest.”
— S.M.
“If I had known beforehand what I know now, I would never have put off having Dr. Dalessandro perform my dental implant. This was the first time for me and I was very nervous about it, to say the least. But from the moment I stepped into the office everyone was very caring and knowledgeable. The whole procedure was explained to me so I’d know what to expect and my questions were answered.
“Dr. Dalessandro is very experienced, efficient, and detail oriented. He has a demeanor that tends to put you at ease. I have to say that the procedure was pain-free and that I only took two pain pills on the second post-operative day because I had some discomfort and was afraid it might get worse. But it didn’t. Following his postoperative instructions, I healed well as indicated by my follow-up visits.
“I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Dalessandro and his staff for a dental implant procedure. What I imagined to be a scary procedure was turned into one that, should the need arise for another tooth to have a dental implant, I would make an appointment with Dr. Dalessandro without hesitation.”
— Marcia P.

“Well, what can I say about Dr. D and his happy group of associates ... only that they are the best group of healthcare professionals I have ever had the pleasure of servicing my oral care needs. The entire staff (especially Charlee) is just so concerned about a patient’s comfort and well-being. The skill level of Dr. D is tops. I have had many procedures done with the doctor, from gum work to tooth extraction to general maintenance and the piece de resistance: MY IMPLANT!!! If you are afraid of oral work, you don’t have to be, with the skill and care of Dr. D. I would guess that by reading this review you could tell I am very proud of Dr. D’s organization. I am. If you need oral work, use him. You won’t regret it.”    

— Robert K.


“I was terrified to get the oral surgery I needed, but Dr. Dalessandro and his staff were comforting and terrific. I opted for IV sedation, and I never felt a thing. Sarah, the assistant, even held my hand. These people are so warm. This is 24 hours later now and I have not had one moment of pain. I’m truly amazed and grateful.”    

— Marc G.

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