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5 out of 5 based on 13 user reviews.

By S.M.


“I wouldn’t hesitate for one minute in referring someone to Dr. Dalessandro. He is professional, caring and honest.” 

By Marcia P.


"I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Dalessandro and his staff for a dental implant procedure. What I imagined to be a scary procedure was turned into one that, should the need arise for another tooth to have a dental implant, I would make an appointment with Dr. Dalessandro without hesitation.”

By Fermin C.


"The absolute BEST !" 

By Wolf P.


"You want the best, you go here, period!" 

By Marc G.


"I was terrified to get the oral surgery I needed, but Dr. Dalessandro and his staff were comforting and terrific. I opted for IV sedation, and I never felt a thing. Sarah, the assistant, even held my hand. These people are so warm. This is 24 hours later now and I have not had one moment of pain. I’m truly amazed and grateful.” 

By Debra F.


"Dr Dalessandro and his entire staff are a blessing. I had dentures that were ill fitted and caused tremendous daily pain. Dr Dalessandro put in implants to be attached to new dentures. Before leaving the office on the day of my first surgery I knew my life was about to change. Coordinating with my dentist and the company making the new dentures and the attention to detail and accuracy Dr D has given me a pain free life. Today I enjoy eating all types of things...steak, French bread, pork chops, corn on the cob, ANYTHING! Thank you Dr D and staff for your professionalism and especially your kindness and compassion that made this process easy for me and gave me the confidence to live life again!"

By Bob N.


"Many years of wonderful maintenance and care for my gum  implants." 

By Cathy S.


"Dr. Dalessandro and staff are very professional and friendly. Dr. Dalessandro is the best Periodontist there is." 

By Tom S.


"I have had several dental procedures with Dr. Dalessandro. He goes to great lengths to make his patients feel as comfortable as possible, and he clearly explains everything that goes on. I was amazed on how little or no discomfort there was. All of my recoveries were quick and without complications. Dr. Dalessandro and his staff are absolutley top-notch." 

By Emma V.


"Dr. Dalessandro is very personable and professional. His staff is also amazing. I needed a soft tissue graft done, which I was very nervous about. Throughout the whole process, Dr. Dalessandro and his team made sure I understood the procedure, pre and post op care as well as payment information. I genuinely felt like a valued patient. If I need any further periodontal work done (Hopefully I don't), I will speak with Dr. Dalessandro's office. Thank you so much!" 

By Patti F.


"Doctor is amazing! I have had a few implants before and Dr. Dalessandro is so pain free. I tell everyone to see him. I was shocked and amazed with his work. His staff is the best and comforting. I have anxiety issues and they were all so supporting. I'm going to Florida and will come back to have this doctor do more work. You will be so happy!" 

By Robert K.


"Well, what can I say about Dr. D and his happy group of associates ... only that they are the best group of healthcare professionals I have ever had the pleasure of servicing my oral care needs. The entire staff (especially Charlee) is just so concerned about a patient’s comfort and well-being. The skill level of Dr. D is tops. I have had many procedures done with the doctor, from gum work to tooth extraction to general maintenance and the piece de resistance: MY IMPLANT!!! If you are afraid of oral work, you don’t have to be, with the skill and care of Dr. D. I would guess that by reading this review you could tell I am very proud of Dr. D’s organization. I am. If you need oral work, use him. You won’t regret it.” 

By Salvatore B.


"Earlier this year Dr. Dalessandro performed a gum graft for me. I wanted to take a minute to write to you and tell you how much I appreciate everything that he has done for me. I feel very fortunate to have such an amazing service so close to home. Normally one would have to travel to a large city to get this type of care and skill. Not only is Dr. Dalessandro an amazing and caring doctor, his staff is his right hand, taking time to teach the patient how to care for the graft and inform the patient exactly what the doctor will be doing. All this attention to detail comes together to provide a wonderful and painless experience for the patient. I used to fear the idea of having gum surgery, but now I actually look forward to it because I know that when I walk out of Dr. Dalessandro's office, I walk out with a healthier, stronger set of gums."

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