ZERAMEX® Ceramic Implants

Because your smile is worth it.

Zirconia (ceramic) dental implants are now an alternative to titanium implants. They are FDA approved and offer many advances, being a "metal-free" implant. Gums love ceramic! The soft tissue and bone responds very favorably to the ceramic giving an excellent healing result. While titanium has been available and used for over 55 years, ceramic implants have been in Europe for close to 20 years and have recently been cleared by the FDA for use in the US. While not for everyone, zirconia dental implants are an aesthetically pleasing option as they are the same color as your natural teeth. Metal-free ZERAMEX® ceramic implants excel in terms of function, health and aesthetics.

Metal-free and corrosion-resistant

ZERAMEX® ceramic implants offer you confidence. Zirconium dioxide (zirconia) ceramic is highly biocompatible and corrosion-resistant, meaning that it is not broken down by the body and remains stable for a long time. Even in contact with certain mouth bacteria and other dental materials, the ceramic implants are not degraded. This reduces the likelihood of inflammation of the surrounding gums.

Gums love ceramic

The biocompatibility of the ceramics supports natural blood circulation in the gums and a reduced inflammation reaction as well as bone resorption. Studies have shown that the gingival blood flow around ceramic is similar to that of a natural tooth. With titanium on the other hand, the adjacent gums receive significantly less circulation by almost one fifth (18%) compared with a natural tooth. In addition, ceramic has an extremely smooth surface, making it harder for bacteria to build up on this material. Studies have shown that bacterial adhesion on ceramic is less than on titanium. This facilitates oral hygiene and supports the patient in preventing gum inflammations

Simply attractive

The requirements placed upon dental restorations have changed within recent years. In addition to health considerations, aesthetics are an important criterion in choosing the right solution. The 100-percent metal-free ceramic implants are artificial tooth roots that offer convincing aesthetics and function. The white color of zirconium dioxide is visually superior to the gray of titanium because it eliminates visible gray edges as well as a dark implant core showing through.

More Information

If you would like to learn about all the benefits of zirconia (ceramic) implants, please click here to download detailed PDFs.

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