Teeth in a Day

"Teeth in a day” is a phrase that has become commonly used, but still little understood. Quite simply, it means that a tooth (or teeth) is extracted, an implant (or implants) is placed, and a temporary tooth (or teeth) replacement is attached … all on the same day.

The beauty of having “teeth in a day” is that you walk into the office with a hopeless tooth (or teeth), and you walk out with a brand new tooth (or teeth). For example:

  • If you cracked one of your front teeth, there is a good possibility that it can be removed and replaced with an implant and temporary crown on the same day.
  • If you are wearing a denture, implants can be placed and a temporary prosthesis fixated to the implants that day so you leave with a beautiful smile. That same prosthesis will later be converted to a fixed-hybrid denture that looks and feels like brand new teeth.

However, even though “teeth in a day” is widely used and advertised, unfortunately it is not an applicable treatment plan in every case. In order for this to be an option, there are several things that have to be in place.

  • Your general health and oral health must be good.
  • The height, width, and depth of the bone in your jaw must be adequate and excellent.
  • Your gum tissue must be healthy, and free of periodontal disease.
  • There can be no ongoing infection of any kind in your mouth.

Much of these determining factors cannot be seen or diagnosed with the naked eye. The best way to determine your eligibility for “teeth in a day” is through CT scanning and advanced imaging, as well as through advanced diagnostic tools and a comprehensive exam.

It is the priority and specialty of a periodontist to be familiar with the latest and best techniques for implant planning and placement. Just like every person is unique, every mouth and treatment plan is unique. Talk to Dr. Dalessandro to find out if “teeth in a day” might be an option for you.

The necessary CT scanning and advanced diagnostics can be done in our office, and most times it can be done on the same day as your consultation. The only way to find out is to call, and we will customize the treatment to your individual case.

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