Periodontal Surgery

Lasers can now be used to treat many types of gum diseases. Laser procedures are used every day, by trained and certified dentists, to give excellent results that are minimally invasive and sometimes can be done without sutures. There is very little swelling or discomfort during or after these procedures, because they are minimally invasive.

There are many different types of lasers, with different wavelengths. The wavelength characterizes what the laser treats: e.g., soft tissue, hard tissue, or both. Diode and Nd:Yag lasers treat soft tissue, and Erbium:Yag lasers treat both hard and soft tissue.

Most dental offices have a diode laser, and they do have good applications, but the Er:Yag lasers and Nd:Yag lasers are far superior and should be used to treat advanced cases. It’s best to be an informed consumer and ask questions. When you’re being treated, you should ask what type of laser is being used and if it is appropriate for your case.

Each person has specific treatment needs: No one laser fits every need, nor is everyone a candidate for laser therapy. Depending on the case and the result we are attempting to achieve, laser therapy may be done with or without placement of bone grafting materials, depending on the location and the severity of the problem.

It also may be done with or without stitches, and sometimes a combination of both, even in a small area. Dr. Dalessandro always decides the method of treatment based on the intended result.

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